Work Samples

GRSC 7770 - Teaching Philosophy Statement

The Graduate Teaching Seminar provided some foundational instruction in best practices for serving as an instructor at a higher education institution, especially for the teaching of undergraduate students. As part of this course, I created a sample syllabus for a potential course, explored the development and modification of course policies, experienced active learning teaching strategies, and ultimately worked to produce a teaching philosophy statement.
Teaching Philosophy

QUAL 8400 - Article Critique and Research Proposal

Qualitative Research Traditions challenged me to interrogate my personal philosophical beliefs. Through this course, I was able to define and refine my research paradigm and I was pushed to make connections between my ontology, epistemology, research designs, and research goals. Ultimately, I settled into a critical realist paradigm which is well defined by Joseph Maxwell. In this course, I analyzed an article's methodology and philosophical alignment and also wrote an early research proposal that includes a positionality statement.
Article CritiqueResearch Proposal

EDIT 8190 - IDToolkit Prototype Website

For Design Thinking and Development Tools, I focused on created a prototype web platform for instructional designers who were looking to learn to use some industry-standard media creation tools like the Adobe Suite. As with much of my work, 4E serves as a theoretical influence that guides the design decisions. In this case, the idea is that the platform would take cues from embedded cognition and would teach all of the skills within an authentic context of doing instructional design work for a "client." View the prototype website below.
Prototype Website

EDIT 8900 - Annotated Bibliography

Advanced Research Methods in Instructional Technology provided some foundational work in reading, interpreting, and critiquing quantitative and qualitative journal articles within our field. We also practiced calculating a number of standard descriptive statistics and some simple analysis of variance statistics through Dr. Rieber's Statistics for Mere Mortals curriculum. Throughout this course, we read and critiqued articles that could contribute toward our research and produced an annotated bibliography.
Annotated Bibliography

EDIT 9990 - VR Learning Experience

This topical seminar focused on the design and implementation of VR research interventions and methods. The course also surveyed some foundational literature that cover how VR is defined, researched, and designed in a variety of contexts. One major assignment during this course involved the creation of a VR learning experience that could be delivered to a potential participant. I used stereoscopic, 180-degree footage to create an immersive rehearsal experience for pre-service music educators. The theoretical framework for this design is rooted in 4E cognition with support from cognitive apprenticeship literature. Best viewed using a VR headset!
VR Learning Experience