Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy
“Why do we have to learn this?” The oft-asked, oft-dreaded question. I believe that teachers should strive to create learning environments where students can answer this question for themselves. This is a central, guiding principle of my teaching philosophy. Content should always be presented in an authentic context with concrete connections to real world problems and scenarios outside of the classroom. I have seen how much greater students will engage with content and learn more deeply when they “see the point”, when they know the “why.” Put simply, I believe that application of content is critical to supporting effective learning; a belief that is evidence-based. Upholding this central principle are three “pillars” or beliefs for what constitutes effectively designed and implemented learning:
  1. Authentic learning is facilitated through intentional design decisions and results in deep learning with greater application and transfer outside of the classroom.
  2. Transparency and responsiveness of course design promotes student ownership of the learning process which increases engagement.
  3. Respect for each student’s background and personal goals is foundational to the design and delivery of a course.
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